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Fresh Ingredients | Healthy Life Style Choices | Environmentally Friendly

Changing The Face Of Fast Food

URBAN WOK EXPERIENCE Welcome to the Urban Wok Experience. Urban Wok is the first “Fresh Casual” restaurant concept designed for vibrant urban lifestyle neighborhoods like Lowertown, St. Paul. Global Fusion! Fast, Fresh and Flavorful! The Urban Wok experience doesn’t stop with the amazing food. We believe in embracing technology throughout the entire operation providing outstanding service, game changing convenience and and ultimate flexibility for our consumers. We are a “CASHLESS ENTERPRISE“ and take all forms of credit and debit cards along with mobile payment platforms. Come visit and experience the Urban Wok difference. WOK YOUR WAY!

Urban Wok Kiosk

The Urban Wok Food Promise

The Urban Wok menu is lifestyle friendly. So whether you are vegan, vegetarian, or follow a paleo, gluten free, or ketogenic diet, you can mix, match and create a dish that works for you and tastes amazing. Urban Wok believes in clean labels. In addition, we are gluten friendly! We are not your typical Asian food. No MSG, partially or fully hydrogenated oils, artificial sweeteners, high fructose corn syrup, caramel/artificial colors or flavors. In addition, our chicken and beef are free of antibiotics. How refreshing and thoughtful–Urban Wok thinks so!

Urban Wok Food

Fresh Ingredients. Your Menu.

Urban Wok is Fresh Global Fusion Stir Fry: Fast, Fresh and Flavorful! Our menu is built on simplicity, customization and flexibility to give our customers ultimate control of the dish they want to create. Pick your base, your protein, vegetables, fruits, and sauces. The combinations are endless. You can select from 15+ fresh vegetables! WOK YOUR WAY!

Urban Wok St Paul Store Front

Our Signature Sauces Made In House Daily!

Our Signature Sauces and Hot Sauces are made in house and from scratch daily. We blend our own spices and each dish is cooked to order. All of our sauces and hot sauces are vegan and gluten free. If you want to kick your dish up a notch, add one of our in-house hot sauces: Jalapeno Green Sauce, Habanero or Korean Gochujang. Urban Wok believes in clean food labels and delivering the Urban Wok Lifestyle Experience!

Urban Wok Sauces

Global Fusion Global Inspiration Global Wok™

Urban Wok goes global with Fresh Global Fusion Stir Fry! The pioneer of the first truly Global Wok™ exploring flavors and cuisines from around the world. Urban Wok is not just Asian Stir Fry! Our flavor inspiration expands across the globe. Latino, Korean, Hawaiian, Mediterranean, Caribbean, Indian, & Asian to name a few. The global exploration of stir fry flavors and cuisines are endless.

WOK YOUR WAY with Urban Wok’s Fresh Global Fusion culinary experience!

fresh global fusion stirfry
Urban Wok Global Inspiration

Nothing Fancy Just Real Flavor

URBAN WOK is made with only the freshest ingredients. Our “Signature Sauces & Hot Sauces” are gluten free, vegan and made in – house daily from scratch & best of all DELICIOUS! We believe in sourcing local ingredients where possible. Our ingredients contain no artificial flavors, preservatives or colors, no MSG and low in sodium

Urban Wok Real Flavor